Internship - Marketing & Growth manager - Mithril Security - Paris

Mithril Security is hiring!


Mithril Security is a deeptech cybersecurity startup providing secure software solutions to make AI more privacy friendly. Our mission is to develop secure data analysis solutions.

We want to facilitate the adoption of artificial intelligence with new security solutions. So we have built an open-source tools coving each step of the AI lifecycle. Interested? Check out our website and our Github :!

The company was founded by 3 friends in 2021. We raised our seed round (over 1m€) last summer after being accelerated by UC Berkeley and HEC Paris. Today, our passionate team of 17 people is based at WeWork Avenue de France in Paris. Join us to get the most out of both remote working and great work conditions (free coffee, rooftop, team buildings…)

Regardless of the type of position, we are looking for people who fit in our team : (resourceful, curious, able to wear multiple hats if necessary) regardless of professional or academic background.Our recruitment processes are based on technical tests : you get to be judged on your skills.

Feel free to browse our offers and apply!

Job Description

The Marketing and Growth Manager will play a key role in the development of Mithril Security, you will promote secure AI and Confidential Computing through your responsibilities. The tasks include:

• Growth
o Start, grow and sustain community to attract lead, retain customers and engage people from our sector

• Marketing strategy
o Exchange with the founding team to define the right marketing strategy

• Online branding, storytelling
o Manage social media planning and advertising strategy (GoogleAdds,...)
o Create digital content (short blog articles, posts on linkedin and twitter, etc)
o Exchanges with the community (community management, event planning, …)

• Process and monitoring
o Improve and handle the growth and marketing tools and processes
o Performance monitoring and reporting (OKR and KPI)

• Benchmark and ecosystem overview

• Management
o Create events around the team and the community on social media
o Assist the leadership team in determining and prioritising business tasks and manage interns’ workflow

Preferred Experience

Preferred experience
The candidate should :
● have a professional level of english
● have a previous (academic and/or professional) experience in tech
● be experienced in managing digital communities
● be at ease with working in a tech environment
● have a passion for the AI or cybersecurity industry
● have excellent interpersonal skills

Benefits of the position
● Decisive role
● Opportunity to create an innovative and impactful solution by working on cutting edge technology

Recruitment Process

Recruitment Process
For more information, do not hesitate to contact us at
Please fill both this WTJ form and our specific g-form here for us to know more about you, we will contact you shortly!

Additional Information

  • Contract Type: Internship
  • Location: Paris
  • Education Level: Bachelor's Degree
  • Experience: > 6 months